Yonge Dundas Square

1 Dundas St, Toronto, ON, M5B 2R8 Canada
+1 (416) 979-9960
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Jul 21 2018 (Saturday)
On Saturday July 21, 2018 the Taste of Jesus in the City Kick-off Concert-Festival will be held at Yonge-Dundas Square. There will be Worship, Music, Drama, Dance, Food & Prizes. Bring the entire family as we Celebrate our Love for God and Love for People in the public square.
Aug 25-26 2018
The Pan American Food & Music Festival (PAFMF) is Canada’s only annual festival that celebrates the Western Hemisphere’s rich diversity of cuisine, music and art. This free event that brings together Canada and the 40 other countries of North, Central and South America and the Caribbean is presented annually in Toronto to reinforce the city’s cultural diversity.