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Feb 21 2018 (Wednesday), 08:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Los Angeles-based vocal powerhouse and multi-instrumentalist ZZ Ward is set to take the stage at Toronto’s Mod Club Theatre. The tour is in support of her second full-length album, The Storm. Her full-length debut Til The Casket Drops yielded a veritable hit in the form of “Put The Gun Down.” The latter generated 7.4 million-plus Spotify streams and held strong in the Top 10 of AAA radio for 10 weeks.
Apr 29 2018 (Sunday)
Antytila / Антитіла is one of the best Ukrainian bands that play classical rock'n'roll and pop-rock. The music of ANTYTILA is optimistic and full of positive vibrations while live shows are bright and powerful. So it’s no surprise they are considered to be one of the most busy touring bands of Ukraine.