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from Dec 24 2017 to Feb 25 2018
From the striking indigo and white geometric forms of a Chilean Mapuche chief’s poncho to the delicate zigzag designs of a Bolivian Aymara weaving, Tied, Dyed and Woven presents the conceptual and technical mastery of ikat dyers and weavers from six Latin American countries over the last 100 years. Their distinctive designs and methods offer historical clues into the innovative processes underlying the development of ikat practices, and attest to the significance of this resist-dye technique in the continuum of textile traditions.
Feb 07 - May 13 2018
Artistry in Silk celebrates the work of Itchiku Kubota (1917–2003), an innovative artist whose spectacular creations gave new meaning to the art of kimono. He brought new life to a 16th -century decorative technique known as tsujigahana, a combination of resist-dyeing techniques and ink-drawing that was once thought lost forever. In his subsequent production of sumptuously beautiful kimono that featured “Itchiku tsujigahana,” the artist’s adaptation of this art form expanded contemporary ideas of surface design and assured Kubota a legacy as an out-of-the-ordinary artist and artisan whose work stimulated the mind and delighted the eye.