Tarragon Theatre

30 Bridgman Ave, Toronto, ON, M5R 1X3 Canada
+1 (416) 531-1827
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Jan 03-28 2018
Back by popular demand, Tarragon Theatre’s Mustard, a whimsical story about growing up, losing innocence, and our unrelenting quest for love, is set to take the stage this January. Mustard still lives under Teenage Thai’s bed, while her recently-separated mother looks for solace at the bottom of a wine glass. Mustard is a twisted fairy tale about an imaginary friend’s quest to stay in our world.
Jan 02 - Feb 11 2018
Shakespeare’s best-known tragedy, Hamlet is reimagined on Toronto’s Tarragon stage through the powerful lens of rock and roll. Юнг Prince Hamlet seeks to avenge his father’s death in a world torn apart by political deception.