Berkeley Street Theatre

26 Berkeley St, Toronto, ON, M5A 2W3 Canada
+1 (416) 368-3110
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Sep 25 - Oct 21 2018
In a remote countryside cottage, two retired scientists live a seemingly quiet life in the aftermath of a devastating catastrophe at a nearby nuclear power station. When an old friend and colleague unexpectedly turns up at their door, they soon discover the shocking reason for her visit, forcing them to confront their responsibility for past actions and to make a difficult choice about future generations.
Oct 30 - Nov 11 2018
To know where you're going, you need to have an origin. From our Berkeley Street Company-in-Residence Red Sky Performance (Backbone), Trace is a sumptuous new dance and music creation that explores Indigenous connections to ancestral beginnings. Inspired by Anishinaabe cosmology — our star and sky stories — Trace maps our history and our future evolution.
Nov 27 - Dec 16 2018
Ice cream, rollercoasters, the smell of old books — as a mother battles chronic depression, a child creates a list of everything that makes life worth living. As time passes and the list grows, what began as a naive attempt to deal with tragedy becomes an epic chronicle of life's small joys. Staged in an in-the-round setting, this touching, funny and intimate solo piece charts the lengths we will go for those we love.