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14 Distillery Lane, Toronto, ON, M5A 3C4 Canada
+1 (416) 364-2782
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May 10-22 2018
Radha Chaddah is a visual artist and scientist whose photographs and light sculpture installations explore the unseen realities. Awakening presents the cellular world for our consideration. The cells in these photographs have been grown from different kinds of stem cells and represent a progression in the accumulation of knowledge, which has led us to this moment, where scientists now understand how to reprogram adult cells to become embryonic-like stem cells.
May 10-23 2018
"Click" is part of the Scotiabank Photography Festival and features exceptional photographers that have chosen the camera as a method to express their thoughts and creativity. This exhibition will feature the works of artists that all use the camera in very different ways to tell their story, have it be a portrait, landscape, abstract or surrealist photographs. There will be no shortage of creative exploration through the medium of photography in this arresting exhibition, that will draw the viewer into the psyche of the mastermind behind the picture captured and the lens.
May 24 - Jun 05 2018
'Gallery Artist Group Exhibition' will feature captivating new works by Arta Gallery resident artists.