Richmond Hill Winter Carnival Viking Village 2018

Richmond Hill Winter Carnival Viking Village 2018
Saturday and Sunday, February 3 and 4th, spend your day with us and come see how the Vikings lived! Learn about what they ate, how they dressed, the things they made, and much more!

We return for another year, alongisde our good friends at Wulfthorpe, our encampment will be open to everyone for an experience of total immersion into the past, with everything from tents, craft tables, meals cooking over fires, playing games, and of course the crowd favourite: COMBAT.
Kids still are and will always be welcome! We will be upholding our long standing tradition of breaking out foam noodles and invite the young ones to get out their bloodlust on our warriors after the fight demonstrations are up!
Date Place
Feb 03-04 2018 Mill Pond Park