Kader Attia The Field of Emotions

Kader Attia  The Field of Emotions
The Field of Emotions presents Attia’s installation J’accuse (I accuse) (2016). Inspired by the injury and disfigurement of millions of soldiers in World War I, Attia created an installation of eighteen wooden busts, arranged before a projection of the eponymous antiwar film by French film director Abel Gance. Originally made in 1919, the film was reshot as a warning against the looming threat of war in 1938 and featured footage of these veterans. The artist used portraits from the archives of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt, the Musée du Service de Santé des Armées in Paris and the Wellcome Collection in London as a visual reference for the carving of the busts. The work suggests that further damage was perpetrated by the ostracizing reactions of a society that viewed these faces as “monstrous”.
Date Place
Jan 27 - May 13 2018 The Power Plant