Family Funday: Fossil Fest

Family Funday: Fossil Fest
Come along on a prehistoric journey millions of years in the making! From tiny beginnings to enormous dinosaurs, join ROM researchers and discover how fossils trace the incredible history of life on Earth.
Activities run from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Free with Museum admission.

Armouries of the Past: From shin-breaking dinosaur Zuul's armour to Medieval maces, discover means of protection and survival both prehistoric and historic.

Featuring Fossils: Get the inside scoop from student researchers as they share their latest discoveries.

Cretaceous Quarry: Dig in and channel your inner palaeontologist as you search for dinosaur bones in our enormous bone bed. What species will you uncover?

Prehistoric Puzzles: Palaeontologists often have to reconstruct animals from a jumble of bones. Figure out how to put a creature back together, and make your own puzzle to take home.

Fossils of the River ROM: Many dinosaur bones are found in rocks formed by rivers. Find out what happens when you bury dinosaurs in the River ROM. Will they fossilize? Only time will tell!
Date Place
Jan 28 2018 (Sunday), 11:00 AM Royal Ontario Museum